Transcreation is “creative translation” (translation+creation) in which a message is adapted from one language to another not necessarily word-for-word, but by preserving intent, context and tone. This is translation at its most artful.

Transcreation is usually used in the translation of marketing texts, web pages, advertising texts, etc., which is why it is also known as “marketing translation“.

This is neither an ordinary translation, nor localization of the text.

Though similar, transcreation and localization are not identical processes. Both processes are a form of translation and adapt a text to a feathered local culture, but the result is ultimately different.

While localization focuses more on the technical side of adaptation, transcreation focuses on its meaningful, creative and intuitive side.

Transcreation specialists should be able to capture and recreate in the target language message the same emotional attitude and degree of persuasiveness as in the original, taking into account the local traditions and cultural specificities of the target audience.

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