Language localization is the process of adapting the translation of a product to a specific country or region. This is the second phase of a larger process of translation for a product or content and cultural adaptation (for specific countries, regions, cultures or groups), taking into account the differences in different markets.

Language localization differs from translation activities in that it involves a comprehensive study of the target culture in order to properly adapt the product to local needs. Translation is one aspect of localization, but localization is more extensive.

The localization process is generally related to cultural adaptation and translation of software, apps, advertising localization, publications, video games, websites and technical communication, as well as audio / voice, video or other multimedia content, and less frequently with any translation (which may also include cultural adaptation processes).

In addition to the translation (and therefore grammar and spelling problems which vary from place to place where the same language is spoken), the localization process may involve adapting graphics; acceptance of local currencies; use the appropriate date and time format, addresses and telephone numbers applicable to the location; choice of colors; cultural references; and many other details, including rethinking the physical structure of the product. All these changes are aimed at recognizing local sensitivity; avoiding conflict with local culture, customs and common habits; and entering the local market, merging with its needs and desires.

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