Translating is creating | Post-editing is perfecting

Post-editing saves you time while significantly reducing time and cost.

Translating and localizing your content is the first step to internationalizing your products and services to position yourselves as leaders in respective markets globally. However, this is a process that can prove to be both time-consuming and costly if you want to achieve optimal quality. Using machine translation engines can be a quick fix; they can deliver translations of thousands of words instantly, at virtually no cost. But in most cases, without human intervention, the linguistic results are questionable at best. Post-editing is what bridges the gap. And it works like a charm.

What is Post-Editing?

Post-Editing is the correction of machine-translated content by human translators. Transitioning from translation to post-editing gives you the best of both worlds; having both the speed and cost benefits of MT while achieving human translation quality

What are the benefits?

  • increase in productivity
  • decrease in time
  • reduction in cost

How does it work?

MT output provides our skilled linguists with the “raw material” to work on. At this point, the degree of faithfulness to the source-text depends on its level of standardization, language combination and use of available TMs to train the engine accordingly. The quality of the machine-generated translation also depends on the structure and the quality of the source text, which is why it is often necessary to edit it in advance.

Post-editing can be applied on two different levels, light post-editing or full post-editing – light post-editing or full post-editing.

You get to choose the service which suits you best, based on your needs and preferences. Light post-editing covers major errors in grammar and meaning, with little to no regard for the overall style or изказ. It delivers factually accurate texts at a high speed, by only making essential corrections. 

Full post-editing produces high quality results, equal to human translation and comparable to TEP with a bit more time invested. The resulting content is fluent, polished and natural-sounding, true to the original tone and style, while consistency in terminology is guaranteed

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