Looking for professional interpreting services to help you communicate with a wider audience? If the answer to that question is yes, then you are in the right place! No matter what you need an interpreter for, our team of professionals can help you communicate with anyone, anywhere.


There are a couple of different types of interpreting we can help with.

That way, you will never have to worry about the language barrier.

Our interpreters are professional and experienced specialists. We cooperate with the best. So you can trust us. At Content Translations you are in good hands.

Simultaneous interpreting

If you need an interpreter for an event, we can provide what is called simultaneous interpreting. Your guests will listen to the interpreting via headsets, while the interpreter(s) will sit in a booth and relay what is being said in real-time.

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the world’s most challenging and essential forms of live interpretation in the world.

The aim of simultaneous interpretation, whether it is a personal conversation, a board meeting or a speech, is to minimise the interpretation time and keep the audience engaged.

Consecutive interpreting 

If you have a business meeting, a workshop, a conveyancing completion, notarial transaction, realization of contacts and other similar events –  consecutive interpreting is what you are looking for. The interpreter will relay what is been said when the speaker pauses. This is the best form of interpreting if there is going to be two different parties actively speaking to each other.

Like simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation requires specialist real-time linguistics and the ability to interpret speech or text in a natural tone, with pinpoint accuracy.

But, consecutive interpretation requires the interpreteror to transpose large sections of speech once the original speaker has paused. It requires skill, confidence, diligence, and a true grasp of the local language.


Chuchotage is a form of interpreting where the linguist stands or sits alongside a small target audience and whispers a simultaneous interpretation of what is being said.

Court interpreting

When it comes to judicial matters, getting everything just right is essential. There are no compromises in the courtroom, and one small mistake could prove catastrophic.

During a courtroom session, everyone should have access to information that is clear, accurate, and digestible.

Our team of expert legal interpreters can boast years of courtroom experience of many years in various languages.


When it comes to interpretationn, we are aware that every detail matters and that there is no room for mistakes. That is one of the core reasons for you to entrust your translations to an accredited translation company. At Content Translations, we offer you:

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  • Customized workflows and thorough checks for accuracy
  • Multidisciplinary experience gained globally
  • Interpretations for all European and major world languages

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