Legal translation services

Legal document translation is a vital part of businesses that work with people who use different languages.
Translated legal text must be clear, precise and reliable.
If you’re faced with the need for a legal translation, the best way to protect yourself against risks connected to flawed document preparation and inaccurate legal translations is to seek the help of certified legal document translation services.
Reasons why your legal translation needs can only be met by a professional translation service:

  • Legal translations require specific domain knowledge
  • Legal translations require a certificate of accuracy
  • Localization is essential for legal translations
  • Legal translation errors can have serious consequences

Our legal translation services include:

  • Legal acts
  • Transactions
  • Contracts
  • Memoranda
  • By-laws
  • Court decisions
  • Apostilles
  • Various testimonies
  • Documents of legal entities
  • Power of attorneys etc.

Why use Content Translations for your legal translation needs?

At Content Translations, we provide professional translation of legal documents for clients across sectors. We boast in-house and freelance legal specialists and language experts to ensure results that meet your legal translation needs – precise, professional, and clear translations.

CONTENT TRANSLATIONS is a reliable partner worldwide of individuals, law offices, businesses, government agencies and organizations in the translation of legal documents.

If you’re in need of legal document translation, our linguistic experts are always ready to help.

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