Prices are determined by the number of words/characters per standard page in the source text, the degree of difficulty, language combination and area of speciality. After checking your data, we could provide you with a fixed price.

Additional charges such as those for desktop publishing, proofreading / editing, translation memory are calculated separately, and depend on the amount of services required.

Translation Prices

Our translation price depends on the target language, the subject matter and length of the document. The final price may include translation, editing, proofreading, basic formatting etc.. For an accurate estimate of translation cost, we require a copy of the document or a complete word/charaters count and a sample of the document.

Desktop Publishing & Graphics

If your document includes graphics, tables, charts and other graphic elements, our desktop publishers can use your original electronic files to create a final, formatted, and translated version of your document. Desktop publishing is quoted separately on a per hour basis or processed page.


Our hourly interpreting rates are dependent on the length of the assignment, the language, whether it is a consecutive or a simultaneous assignment, and if equipment will be used. Details of the assignment such as date(s), hours, subject, location, number of attendees, and the general environment are necessary for an estimate.


Please send us your inquiery and you will receive our precise quote!